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Life is never too dull.....
Challenged to fixing something

Tatting  The art of tying knots (doilies, edgings, etc)
Playing Folk Music
Rhythm Tap Dancing   Syncopation of steps
Embroidery Design I want it? I design it
Hiking in the mountains But not alone
Walking on the Beach It Helps to Heal the SOUL
Physical Challenges Annie get your gun syndrome
 Learning new musical instruments Collection is getting bigger
 Puppetry The imagination runs wild
Sewing and Ironing at leisure it is so relaxing
 Photography Can never take too many pics
COMPUTER SOFTWARE & Network Design Spend many hours doing it
Gardening There is always a new plant to tend to
Sand sculpting Don't let it rain now
Stunt Kite Flying The only thing I can control!!
FRAME DRUMMING (this is a new interest in 2015) Thanks Linda!
Kayaking Navigating and enjoying the WILD


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