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Whistling Friends

Some of my Whistling Friends:
Ronnie Ronalde, The World's Most Famous Whistler
If you wondered what it is like for someone to make a living WHISTLING buy this book "Around the World on a Whistle" by Ronnie Ronalde

Robert Stemmons Profound whistler with bird training CDs for sale
Ryosuke Takeuchi Throat Warbling style of whistling
Cris Toyohashi
Everett Kaji Oba
Sean Lomax The Loyal Whistler Cirque Du Soleil  touring show  
Kazu Sasahara
Sheila Harrod
Kimiko Wakiyama Whistler, Ukelele, Singer
Jay Are
Paul D. Shan
Ernie Barreto
Linda Hamilton The Northern Nightingale
Milt Briggs  A maverick among whistlers
Tom Bryant  is featured in the Documentary by Kate Davis and David Heilbroner  "Pucker Up- The Fine Art of Whistling"
Steve Herbst Entertainer of the Year
David Morris Documentary Whistling David Morris Life as a Professional Puckerer
Geert Chatrou International Grand Champion  
Carole Skinner
Ben Brenner Hand Chamber Blowist
Sally Cohn  A handwhistler and author (she was on Americas Got Talent)
George Jageman Whistler and Senior Citizens Olympics Contestant
Phyllis Heil  The Whistling Woma
Peter Bennet Concert glass harpist and street entertainer in New Orleans
Francesco Bonifazi  he takes whistling beyond its current limitations
Jason Victor Serinus   The Whistling Voice of Woodstock (Peanuts cartoon)
Carole Anne Kaufman  Hair Artist - Comedienne- Whistling Champion
Vic Anderson
Hylton Brown General field marshall of musical inspiration
Mike and Pat Cooney Whistling Butterflies
Bill Johns The Whistling Ranger
Chris Ulman The Happy Whistler

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