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Sue is a whistler who uses her teeth to whistle while most others use their lips.

She learned this technique on her own, while trying to learn the technique her TWIN brother, Chuck and older brother, Bill could do. Sue has tried unsuccessfully to teach her technique to others.

IT's a GIFT she wants to share with the world, BEFORE she gets too old and her teeth fall out.

Sue has performed on local radio and TV.

Most recently she performed on the show called "iumor"  in Bucharest Romania in May 2017 , and before that she was on "Das SuperTalent" in Bremen Germany in September 2016 (Germany's Got Talent version), and before that she was on  Americas Got Talent. Season 10 Episode 5 (June 23, 2015) and the Finale (Sept 16, 2015). She has also performed at many Folk Festivals, and Tap Dance performances, entertained at Nursing Homes and Retirement Centers, Grade and High Schools, Puckerama, Whistling Conventions and at Local government functions.   She has attended Puckeramas in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Tokyo Japan and loved it. . Sue has also participated in the IWC (International Whistlers Convention) in Louisburg, NC. Sue is a member of  Orawhistle Global Whistlers' Forum, the world's online whistling community and the Orawhistle Facebook group. .

Sue loves to play traditional instruments such as ukulele, banjo, guitar, saxophone, spoons, mountain Dulcimer and will add a little TWEET while playing.

Sue is available for getting together with whistlers, tap dancers and/or musicians.

She is a Chicagoan now residing in SW Florida.

Email her at:

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